Data-intensive Scalable Computing and Distributed Systems

  • Building k-nn graphs from large text data
    Thibault Debatty, Pietro Michiardi, Olivier Thonnard, Wim Mees
    Big Data Conference, 2014
  • On the design space of MapReduce ROLLUP aggregates
    Phan, Duy-Hung; Dell’Amico, Matteo; Michiardi, Pietro
    ICDT Workshop, Algorithms for MapReduce and Beyond, 2014
  • Memory Partitioning in Memcached: An Experimental Performance Analysis
    Carra, Damiano; Michiardi, Pietro
    IEEE ICC, 2014
  • A Measurement Study of Data-intensive Network Traffic Patterns in a Private Cloud
    Venzano, Daniele; Michiardi, Pietro
    IEEE DCC, 2013
  • HFSP: Size-based Scheduling for Hadoop
    Pastorelli, Mario; Barbuzzi, Antonio; Carra, Damiano; Dell’Amico, Matteo; Michiardi, Pietro
    IEEE BigData, 2013

Applied Machine Learning

  • On the impact of socio-economic factors on power load forecasting
    Yufei Han, Xiaolan Sha, Etta Grover-Silva, Pietro Michiardi
    Big Data Conference 2014
  • On User Availability Prediction And Network Applications
    Dell’Amico, Matteo; Filippone, Maurizio; Michiardi, Pietro; Roudier, Yves
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2014
  • Trend Makers and Trend Spotters in a Mobile Application
    Sha, Xiaolan; Quercia, Daniele; Dell’Amico, Matteo; Michiardi, Pietro
    ACM CSCW, 2013
  • Spotting trends: The wisdom of the few
    Sha, Xiaolan; Quercia, Daniele; Dell’Amico, Matteo; Michiardi, Pietro
    ACM RECSYS, 2012

Peer-to-peer Content Distribution

  • Adaptive redundancy management for durable P2P backup
    Dell’Amico, Matteo; Michiardi, Pietro; Toka, Laszlo; Cataldi, Pasquale
    Computer Networks, March 2015, Elsevier
  • Characterization and management of popular content in KAD
    Carra, Damiano; Steiner, Moritz; Michiardi, Pietro; Biersack, Ernst W; Effelsberg, Wolfgang; En-Najjary, Taoufik
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2013
  • On the impact of incentives in eMule, analysis and measurements of a popular file-sharing application
    Carra, Damiano; Michiardi, Pietro; Salah, Hani; Strufe, Thorsten
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC) – Special Issue on Emerging Technologies in Communications, September 2013
  • Peer-assisted Content Distribution on a Budget
    Michiardi, Pietro; Carra, Damiano; Albanese, Francesco; Bestavros, Azer
    Computer Networks, February 2012
  • On the robustness of BitTorrent swarms to greedy peers
    Carra, Damiano; Neglia, Giovanni; Michiardi, Pietro; Albanese, Francesco
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, December 2011

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